Video Premiere: lxverboy & Sophie Moon - BRB CRYING

Sophie Moon's debut single comes with two versions - one a lowercase acoustic pop piece, another in all caps and breakbeats with lxverboy. The low-res video is weaponised nostalgia.

Video Premiere: lxverboy & Sophie Moon - BRB CRYING

Sophie Moon made her debut a couple weeks back with brb crying - demo. It's a beautiful bit of lo-fi acoustic pop in a very authentic and intimate setting: vocal, guitar and the audible electrical hum of recording equipment; it feels right out of a simpler YouTube age. Speaking to Fourth Best, Sophie described her original recording:

Sophie: The demo song was written in Dec 2023, in the depths of a lot of journaling and reflecting on different relationships; I had written a Very Bad Song to a nice chord progression, so I decided to rejig the entire thing. The lyrics just kind of fell out of me.

It’s about a short relationship I had that I walked away from. It was a very nice time, and the break up was extremely smooth - but ultimately I knew one of us was slightly more emotionally invested and that was me. If someone was going to get upset, it would be me. I went home over Christmas and knew when I saw him next I would end it- so I did. He said he felt it was time too.

It’s a very literal song so the lyrics were easy to write, I just wanted to say how I felt. Sometimes, being so literal, makes the song relate to anything and everything for anyone.

The all-caps twin of that track flips it on its head - transformed by lxverboy (previously Anna Mac of the duo iteration of Lewwab) into a synth-pop cut with some early-aughts breakbeats and uplifting strings - keeping it grounded in the Windows Movie Maker era. That carries over to its visual - a deliberately low-res, high-saturation video edited & directed by Sunday Club Kreativ and shot by Cameron Mason.

lxverboy: From a music video POV, we wanted to recreate a “girlies pre drinks” in a homemade kind of way. When we were in college, there was always someone having a tough time before the biggest night of year - crying in the club kind of vibe.

Sophie: In Jan 24, Anna sent me the instrumental and said it needed lyrics. On my hour commute home, I sat on the bus and hummed the melody for unnamed song I had written, realised it fit, got in the door and spent the next three hours very crudely recording takes on a shitty USB mic. Both of the songs we meshed together were unnamed, so we agreed on 'brb crying.' It meshed together the electronic and emotional side of the song, and is definitely in mine and Anna’s voice.

lxverboy has an album on the way, and is kicking off the new label Not A Bother Records with the other half of Lewwab - still active under the previous duo name.

lxverboy: My debut album XO will be released on the 2nd August. It’s a fusion of a lot of genres, particularly orchestral & electronic, with heavy bass and lots of break beats. The album launch will take place on 16th August in Workman’s Cellar, with a full live band, and with support from Sophie Moon.